Jabara Airport

Jabara Airport construction

Replacement of Hangar #9

Wichita, KS
Role: General Contractor

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Straight line, high winds ripped through north Wichita causing extensive damage at Jabara Airport. Hangar #9 suffered irreparable damage and had to be completely replaced. Design-Build Construction was selected as the general contractor for the project which included a new 150’ wide x 100’ long pre-engineered steel building to match the existing hangars at the airport. Minimal sitework was involved, but substantial concrete repair work was required, including all of the 7 inch concrete apron, which was completely removed and replaced. The concrete foundation had to be repaired before the steel structure could be rebuilt. The structural engineer required all loose concrete be removed around anchor bolts and be replaced with a special high-strength concrete mixture. The project required all new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment, including new infra-red heaters, new interior and exterior lighting, and a new fire alarm system in order to meet current code requirements. And finally, the 115’ wide x 27’ high hangar door with eight separate leafs and two electric door operators had to be completely replaced.

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