TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx construction

New retail location construction

Derby, KS
Role: Subcontractor

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Design-Build Construction was selected to provide the erection of the concrete tilt-up panels for a new T.J. Maxx retail store in Derby, KS. The heaviest of the large concrete panels weighed 63,000 lbs., so this project had its own unique challenges. The Design-Build Construction team coordinated the installation of these panels with the general contractor and the concrete subcontractor after they had been poured and cured on the concrete floor.

Tilt-up concrete panel construction allowed for an accelerated construction schedule. The walls were set in a speedy, five days, with a 100 ton crane and a spreader bar designed and fabricated by Design-Build Construction.

Coordination with Westar Energy was also very important, as there were several power lines directly over the work area. For safety reasons, electrical power had to be turned off to allow the crane to be under the power lines to set the concrete walls.

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