Metal Building System

You have a vision: Our Metal Building Systems can make it happen with Metallic Building Company. We get our products from one of the most reputable metal building manufacturers in the industry – Metallic Building Company – a leader in manufacturing of the highest caliber, pre-engineered metal buildings.

Winning construction solutions are hard to come by. Fortunately, we are here to help. Our long lasting metal building systems give you a flexible option for creating aesthetically pleasing structures of enduring value. We can meet your unique needs for almost any building application including:

  • Aviation
  • Retail & Office
  • Schools
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Churches & Religious Facilities
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Agricultural


If you don’t think a pre-engineered metal building can work for you, think again. We offer a diverse line of premier building systems, all of which are engineered to your unique structural and aesthetic requirements.

Our flexible design solutions can be tailored to meet the specifications of virtually any design, resulting in beautiful, easily expandable structures of superior strength. We can make it appear it’s not even a metal building with the different types of exterior options. There are buildings all over the country that are pre-engineered metal buildings but you would never know from the exterior due to the exterior application options available.


Benefits of a Metal Building System


Faster Construction

Because metal systems require fewer materials to build, installation and erection go faster, saving you money and speeding up the construction process. This allows you to move into your facility faster than conventional building process.



Lower Maintenance Cost

Metal solutions are easier and less expensive to maintain than traditional methods.


Better Life-Cycle Costing

The life expectancy of metal products exceeds that of competing materials by an average of 14 years. And, with the superior weather tightness of metal products, there is less wear and tear and fewer replacement parts required over time.

If you need a pre-engineered, custom metal building: please come see us, email us, or give us a call.
We are here to help.