Metal Retrofit Roof Systems

Metal Retrofit Roof Systems can provide practical and architecturally enhancing solutions for various types of existing roofs and for “problem-leak” roofs. In most cases, removing the existing roof is not necessary, saving costly demolition labor and disposal expense, while allowing normal business to continue uninterrupted during retrofit construction.


Metal Retrofit Roof Systems can add value to your building appraisals and additional insulation may be added to increase utility and equipment efficiency, lowering your cost of day to day operations. A metal roof system will last between 20 and 60 years or more, and Standing Seam panel systems can dramatically reduce costly roof maintenance and repairs for years in to the future.


Metal Retrofit Roof Systems are available in two basic but different forms.

1) Metal Over Flat: In cases where the existing roof is flat or has a very shallow slope, light gauge framing may be added to create a different slope to give the building a new fashionable look, as well as a long lasting and maintenance free roof system. These framing systems also create a variety of opportunities for other improvements that include additional insulation, ventilation, sky lighting, HVAC modifications, and solar applications.

2) Metal Over Sloped: In situations where the existing roof slope is adequate and the look is acceptable, metal sub-purlins can be installed directly over the existing building purlins while leaving the existing roof panels in place. In most cases, the installation of these new sub-purlins will increase the load carrying and wind uplift capacities of the existing structure significantly and also create a variety of opportunities for other improvements that include additional insulation and solar applications if desired.

Metal Retrofit Roof Systems provide a “win-win” solution for building owners who want a new, long lasting, attractive, and maintenance free roof that reduces operating costs while leaving the old roof in place allowing business to continue uninterrupted.

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